Cain Velasquez doesn’t fight at optimum weight category, says Mike Dolce

Prominent dietician Mike Dolce believes Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez might have missed his calling to make a mark in the Light Heavyweight division.

The Heavyweight has been a one man wrecking machine during his stint in the division, taking down fighters much bigger than him but despite all the success that he has had, Dolce still doesn’t believe the Cuban American is anywhere close to fighting at his optimum weight.

Dolce said in an interview that he personally believes that athletes should ideally compete in a level that only requires 8-10% body fat. He mentioned that Heavyweight fighters do not like to hear such things. He mentioned that fighters like Cain Velasquez have been successful because they are genetic freaks and any sports science expert will agree with what he has to say.

Dolce added that Velasquez has had a very successful run in Mixed Martial Arts as a Heavyweight, he is a tough competitor but he is not fighting at his optimum body weight, not by a long shot.

Velasquez is known for his tremendous work rate. There are several fighters who fight at their optimum weight class at a lower weight category and even they are put to shame by the cardiovascular abilities of the Cuban American.

His sustained success has ensured that Velasquez has not been asked to change. Former Heavyweight legend Fedor Emelianenko was considered as a top Heavyweight in spite of being very small in stature but it was only when he started losing that fans began to ask for him to change his diet plan and drop down to Light Heavyweight.

But as long as Cain Velasquez manages to keep on winning, he will be able to keep all those who keep asking for him to fight at optimum level at bay.