Cain Velasquez’s toughest test

Cain Velasquez Video clip Rating: four / 5

25 Responses to “Cain Velasquez’s toughest test”

  1. graffitilover101 says:

    @criticalbill1983 couldnt agree more!!!

  2. bionicmex says:

    @ManiLevin , you suck all the way, no doubt.

  3. RevsLA24 says:

    numero uno

  4. MrWhitePower706 says:

    May I have your attention please: I will suck all of your spick dicks
    because this white boy loves the Mexican burrito! If you put your ass in
    front of my face and bend over, I will suck the spicy enchilada aka asshole
    too! Yes! I will give YOU my white power!

  5. Jomo Teo says:

    @shamanharvest86 Anyway sorry about it..

  6. Cesar Calejon says:

    You know what? Couture is the man! Went against Brock Lesnar and fought him
    as a warrior…..Cain, wanna see ya against Brock, Carwin or
    Fedor…..youre tough and never give up, uh? With that bad boy look in your
    face….lets see what happens next….

  7. ayoria24 says:

    ya cuz boxing sucks, most mma guys train on muay thai or kickboxing

  8. ayoria24 says:

    I know, it dont bother me Peru doesnt have any athlete other than a few
    soccer players that are world class, still that doesnt change the fact that
    boxing sucks compared to other striking arts. A boxer would own anyone as
    long as its a boxing match under boxing rules . ANY FIGHT like a street
    fight or mma fight a boxer would get owned in 1 or 2 minutes.

  9. juicr500 says:

    The are different sports. Stop comparing.

  10. PapaMagnum says:

    @bodomhatecrew97 Such a shame… I’d love to see him against Lesnar, Mir,
    or Velasquez. What do you make of Carwin, BTW?

  11. timmyxdl says:

    Frank MURRRR didn’t really KO Nog…Big Nog did say that Bob Sapp’s
    piledriver knocked him out for a few seconds…I like Cain a lot…but him
    KOing Big Nog? That’s almost as hilarious as Michael Bisping KOing Dan

  12. JammyTom says:

    yeah that was fucked up

  13. PapaMagnum says:

    @RocManKing It’s easy to tko a guy coming off of a staph infection. People
    were bandwagoning on Nogueira making a bunch of noise about how he had
    allegedly better boxing and grappling skills. Which he obviously DOESN’T.

  14. Godismylife1 says:

    can we all get along

  15. El Guapo says:

    I guess he did -eyeroll-

  16. rayochapin says:

    The only thing I can tell you bernardo is that at least he’s trying, win or
    lose he’s doing what he loves to do, unlike many of us that just seat here
    typing useless crap and watching life go by, this guy is doing it. I think
    he has what it takes to be a champ (point already proven) but their will
    always be people like you trying to hate on somebody just because they are
    doing the damn thing, if you know what I mean.

  17. lawnshark19 says:

    @KMdog82 Not happening Latins have great chins and heart but wont be able
    to deal with the size difference. Name one heavy weight latino in mma or
    even boxing it dont exsist. They are great lite weight fighters.

  18. 5h30l says:

    Think u´re talking to me… well, sure, my english sucks… so? does it
    really cares? I´m not from USA and I´ve never went there. Still with it, I
    think I speak english better than you talk any other language. But this is
    not to begin a verbal war. Keep straight, dude.

  19. LeaveJordanAlone says:

    when is cains next fight? and hows his shoulder holding up?

  20. juicr500 says:

    The cards coming up are really decent. The future looks great for the Fans!

  21. Paul Johnson says:

    this guy is one tough bastard. but there again so is the guy he’s fighting.

  22. oddjobjujitsu says:

    @SpaceNTime77 ha ha i was right though huh?

  23. hakar says:

    nogs boxing is far better.

  24. Steadno says:

    better be ready 100% cain

  25. smoothhoopinal says:

    @juicr500 Only if he was taken off his feet INSTANTLY. Other than that,
    Most of the guys would get punched about 5 times before they knew they were
    punched the 1st time with that guy.